The Walt Disney Company commonly known as Disney, is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios complex in Burbank, California. 

They asked me to redesign the company’s internal communication, in order to give it a modern and functional look, since it’s current was confusing the employees due to the several segments of communications the company produces daily.

I chose to adopt a clean and minimalist illustration language to make each segment memorable, making the entire newsletter easier to ready and something to be shared among the employees.

Extra segments

Monitors art for office communication - Motion by: Keryma Lourenço

Old concepts

Large Icons
Medium Icons

Illustrated covers
#06 - Trainee program
#00 - Encanto wins the Oscar
#01 - Disney's LGBTQIA+ campaign
#04 - Disney's Health Living Week
#02 - New office!
#07 - National Cinema Day
#12 - Zé Carioca's 80th birthday
#11 - She-Hulk premieres in Disney+
#05 - Thor: Love and Thunder arrives at the cinema
#13 - Lesbian Awareness Day
#09 - #Storiesthatinspire
#07 - Pixar World is open!
#BEN1 - Disney Health Living Program
#RH3 - Pmóvel
#RH2 - Vacation
Em Pauta
Disney Finances
Disney Baby
Town Hall with Diego Lerner
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